10 things you didn’t know about me!!

Welcome to my blog everyone!!!…My blogs will be mostly about entertainment, pop culture, pet peeves, lots of non sports related stuff..My reason?…There is nothing about sports I’m going to put in a blog that I have not already talked about with Christian on our daily show on Espn New Hampshire…Which by the way is noon-3pm, Mon-Fri and as most of you know by now will be moving to afternoon drive 3-6pm starting on September 8th..We are very excited as lots of great things happening here at the station…More details to come in the coming days……

Ok, for my first blog on the new upgraded site I have decided to give you 10 personal things you may not know about me…Here they are in no particular order…

  1. I was a diver on my high school swim team in 1984, my junior year..Yes, I was that skinny back then and somewhere out there are some photo’s of me in action, I will try and find them…Stop laughing…(lol)
  2. I am also an avid “tournament” poker player..I don’t get to play “live” as much as I used to due to work but I have played in some of the biggest tournaments in the country before including WSOP  Main Event at the Rio in Las Vegas back in 2010…Worst beat of my life right towards the end of day one which I won’t get into now..
  3. When I’m not watching sports, I love many of the cooking shows on tv…My favorites are Master Chef, Hells Kitchen, many of the shows on Food Network like Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay and many more..I am somewhat of an amateur chef, I love to cook and love learning about new techniques…
  4. I love all kinds of music, however, I am still more of a classic rock fan…Also like Jazz..Not a big country fan at all..I actually was a DJ in several nightclubs out in Central Mass back in the early 90’s..We played everything from the 60’s-present day music at the time, it was a blast!!..Also was working 2 other radio jobs back then at the same time….
  5. I am absolutely 100% Italian(Southern Italian roots)..My last name on the radio is just a stage name..I have not and will never change my name legally..When I was at CSB back in 1987, it was just easier for my teachers to remember so I stuck with it…I certainly can speak and understand more than enough to get by in Italian and am very proud of my heritage…It comes up from time to time on the show..
  6. I was born and raised in Rhode Island…Lived in Warwick until 1979 then moved to Narragansett in the middle of 6th grade…Was a wonderful place to grow up..I attended Bishop Hendricken High School and graduated in 1985..I moved to Massachusetts permanently in 1989 and have been in the Commonwealth ever since…Started in Northern Worcester County, then lived in the North End of Boston for nearly a decade..Also lived on the South Shore for a couple of years and now I have been in Billerica with my lovely life Elaine and beautiful Scottie Terrier Chiara(Chara) since 2010….
  7. My Scottie Chiara(Chara) has that name because I got her from a breeder during the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup run and decided to “Italianize” just a bit…Big church in Rome called “St. Chiara”…Although she has never met the original Big Z in person, she has a huge Big Z blanket with a huge number 33 which she loves…
  8. I am a total nerd in many ways…I’m kind of like Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory in many ways…I love Star Trek, Star Wars, all the Marvel movies and just love many movies in general..I have a huge collection at home..I am also a huge “Seinfeld, Family Guy, South Park, Ray Donovan” fan…Like other shows also but time is short…
  9. I am the best “30 handicap” in all of golf!!..I’m a great C or D golfer for any foursome…I’m great at “Scramble” tournament formats because I always come up with with 3 or 4 shots I can make that helps the team…
  10. Finally, I once got a “hole in 2″…Let me explain..My father, God rest his soul and my brother-in-law George both witnessed this…16th hole at Quidnessett Country Club in North Kingstown RI..I believe it was a 167yd par 3..I took out a 7 iron, and somewhat “whiffed” which I hadn’t done in many years..However, the ball rolled off the tee but rolled about 3 feet staying inside the tee box…My dad and brother-in-law hit, my ball still in the tee box is still in play and I didn’t have to take a stroke…You can’t tee the ball up again just have to hit it where it lies..The wind shifted, I switched to a 6 iron for my 2nd shot, honest to God, one bounce and in the cup for a 2!!..People on the tee box on the 17th saw the shot and came running down to congratulate…Unfortunately I had to tell them they would not be drinking for free because it was a “2”…This happened about 1990…


Well that’s it!!!…More goofiness to follow!!!…Hope you enjoyed this….Talk soon..


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