Patriots Get Ready for Bills Week.

Could it be possible that the Buffalo Bills have supplanted the New York Jets as the division rival, that will heat the blood of all Patriots fans? Surely Rex Ryan the new Bills coach and former Jets coach has added heat to the rivalry. Ryan’s team was victorious last week versus the Indianapolis Colts. For Patriots fans, the Bills might just look like a scarier team then the Jets.

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There is no shortage of talk coming out of Ryan and his boys.

“We’re not going to ask one guy to say, ‘He is your guy,'” “He’d have to look like King Kong or something. You got him, Kong. … At times, there could be three guys on him. Early in the week, most DB coaches say, ‘Let’s press him!’ By the game, they’re yelling, ‘Get your ass back!'”  Ryan on Rob Gronkowski

“I’d much rather face Steve Grogan,” Ryan said. “That’s just my personal thing. Ryan on Tom Brady.

Our first two games, we play the two teams who were in the AFC Championship Game, so we will see where we stack up against the very best of the best. So we’ll find out where we stack up.”  Ryan on his team

 “I hate New England. … It’s definitely personal for me,” Aaron Williams

“Don’t nobody likes the Patriots.” Marcell Dareus

….Meanwhile in New England 

“The games are won by what you do over the course of the week and how you go about your preparation so that you can be prepared for the game on Sunday,” Tom Brady on Rex Ryan press conferences.

“I’ll take it.” Bill Belichick on his 9-4 record in head to head match-ups with the Buffalo Bills head coach.

Its obvious that the two teams are run completely different.  One thing is for sure, with Rex Ryan on the other sideline, things will ramp up.  Most New England fans cant stand Ryan, because he is boastful and can come across as arrogant. You can’t take away from the fact that Ryan is a good coach, who has his team believing.  Can the Bills win on Sunday? Of course they can.  The Bills have a great defense and skilled postilions on offense.  Should the Bills win you know the talk wont stop.

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