Red Sox Stay In-house, Hire Mike Hazen as GM

By Steve Perrault – Follow on Twitter @Steve_Perrault

The Red Sox have promoted from within and hired Mike Hazen as their new general manager.

Hazen has had numerous roles with the Red Sox, but he is best known for his involvement in player development. Any big prospect the Red Sox have had go through their farm system in recent memory has had Hazen’s guidance all over it.

Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski made this comment on the Hazen hire today:

“Over his 10 years with the Red Sox, Mike has proven to be an invaluable member of the baseball operations department…We are thrilled to have him in this position and I’m excited to have him working with me on every aspect of baseball operations.”

It would appear to be clear that Hazen won’t have as much power as previous GM Ben Cherington, but why should this matter? With Hazen’s background in evaluating talent, his recommendations to Dombrowski will be well received, and that’s just fine. If anything, it’s refreshing to know, at least for now, that Dombrowski will have his name directly attached to whatever moves the Red Sox make this offseason. It’s good to know who’s making the calls, and Dombrowski intends to stamp his “John Hancock” behind every decision this club will make in the immediate future.


It may just be a coincidence, but it’s still interesting to note that the last six Red Sox GMs have all been from the New England area. So, if this doesn’t work out for Hazen, there could very well be an opening in a few years for Mark Wahlberg to step right in as the next Red Sox GM.

…Imagine if Wahlberg was the Red Sox GM? “What did you just tell me? You don’t wanna play in Boston? Whataya got against Boston, huh? No, I’m serious. Tell me now.”

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