Lilley: If You Don’t Like It, Stop It

By Bryant Lilley

Here’s a message to all NFL players and coaches: If you don’t want other teams to run up the score on you, here’s an idea, how about you learn how to stop them.

Rex Ryan, in his weekly press conference, brought up the New England Patriots, saying they tried to embarrass the Buffalo Bills in week two. Did the Patriots try to embarrass the Bills? Of course they did, and they will continue to try and embarrass any team they possibly can. They will do their best to give the middle finger to any team across from them, as well as stick it to Roger Goodell and the league’s front office.

For one, the Bills almost came back and won. What if the Patriots had just decided to run three times and punt for just a couple possessions near the end of the game? The Bills very may well have completed the comeback.

So Rex, if you don’t want to be embarrassed and you don’t want teams to run up the score, do something about it. Stop them. It’s not another team’s job to pity you and take it easy. They are there to win a football game. So when they keep trying to score points, how about try playing a little defense, rather than give up 500 yards of offense to your opponent.

Here’s the other problem with Rex even talking about the Patriots: the Bills have already played another game since and have another opponent coming up on Sunday in the New York Giants. Maybe you should focus on trying to stop Eli Manning and the Giants offense.

Every player and coach in the entire NFL is an adult, a grown man. Yet, you’re going to complain if a team attempts to run up the score on you? This isn’t high school or peewee football anymore. In the words of Herm Edwards, you play to win the game. Comebacks happen all the time. If you stop playing the game to win, the more likely your opponent makes a comeback. If you don’t like, find a way to stop it.

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