CSNNE will have Heinsohn at the Garden and Scalabrine on the road

By Tyler Sullivan: Follow on Twitter – @TylerSully

Boston sports fans had to say goodbye to one local TV Broadcaster yesterday and this Celtics season they’ll also have to adjust with another TV shakeup.

Comcast Sportsnet New England will leave their Hall of Famer and color man Tommy Heinsohn back in their Burlington, MA studio while the C’s head on the road. Going with CSNNE’s play-by-play man Mike Gorman is former C’s fan favorite Brian Scalabrine.

While the C’s hit the road, Heinsohn will still be a part of the broadcast, contributing in between quarters, half-time and post game.

This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise if you watched the Celtics last season. Scal went on the road most of the time with Gorman and ultimately this is the right move.

Tommy and Mike are heading into their 35th year together and the clock will eventually strike midnight on the 81 year old’s broadcastng career, while the spry 67 year old Gorman seems primed to be parquet-side for many more years to come.

The question then becomes who is Heinsohn’s successor?

I mean replacing this is not easy.

The station tried former ESPN columnist and Grantland founder Bill Simmons for a game, but that attempt didn’t even graze net.

Scal is the obvious choice here. He has a strong connection to younger Celtics fans and can bring in a prime demographic. He is also very good.

Having a former player baseline brings great insight to the broadcast booth and, as much as I love the Heinsohn homer-ism, it’s refreshing to have a slightly less bias Scalabrine in there.

It’s a slight change, but embrace the “THAT IS BOGUS!” screams and the challenging of refs while you can.

Tommy, like Red Sox broadcasting legend Don Orsillo, is one of a kind.



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