Laura Stelchook Helps ESPN NH Take on Breast Cancer!

By: Laura Stelchook

As the director of Marketing and promotions here at the station, I over see many different tasks on a regular basis. Planning multiple events at once is a common occurrence for me. But few are as rewarding as getting involved in our community. When I proposed the idea of us raising funds, my coworkers did not hesitate to jump aboard. Our team agreed to walk and donate to this years Making Strides against breast cancer walk in Manchester.

As we gathered in the center of the park. The park is bursting with pink every which way you look. Volunteers happy to see loved ones come in support of the worthy cause. Survivors emotionally charged, dancing around a stage. Hopeful patients who were braving the day despite obvious obstacles. There were an estimated 2,100 walkers total who showed up at Arms Park in Manchester.

I figured I would keep our first years goal modest and set it to only $500. But thanks to the support from all of you we raised $790! One hundred and thirty two teams gathered in the Making strides walk on Sunday, and $170,154.32 was donated to fight breast cancer!

We all have things that we care about, causes that deem worthy of an extra effort. Our whole team really pulled together to help us raise and beat our goal. I’m proud to be a part of this group and cannot wait to generate more funds next year!

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