Bartis Law Babe of the Week: Ciara Price

Ciara Price is this weeks ESPN New Hampshire Bartis Law Babe of the Week

About New England Girl Ciara Price:
“AMBITIONS: To start my own photography business and become a permanent part of Playboy Enterprises. 
TURN-ONS: Guys who kiss great and have toned backs, blue eyes and a little scruffy facial hair.
TURNOFFS: Sloppy boozehound slackers who don’t make the effort to step up to the plate–Get off your mama’s couch now!
MY MUSIC HERO: Jared Leto and his band Thirty Seconds to Mars. His music and videos empower me by showing that positive change is possible.
UNEXPECTED INTEREST: It surprises people that I love intense contact sports like hockey and the WWE.
THANKSGIVING CONFESSION: I’m crazy about turkey dinner; it’s yummy and the tryptophan gives me extra beauty rest!” (Via

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