SportsCenter Tweet Shows Zero Class

By: Jeff Kane

When  you read my blog post, you will undoubtedly come away with the feeling that I am pro Patriots.  Yes, I am a New England Patriots fan, and sometimes being a fan and a writer is a conflict of interest.   When I write about the Patriots I try to be unbiased, and give a detailed opinion on what I believe will happen in a certain game or with a player.  I even picked the Patriots to lose to the Giants two weeks ago.

Late Monday night during the Patriots game against the Bills, I can say I was ashamed at the uncalled for tweet by ESPN’s @SportsCenter


The Tweet showing emoji’s of footballs and video cameras was no doubt a shot at the New England Patriots.  Fans around the country can call your team a cheater, and well its just fan speak, you let it go in one ear and out another.  When the leader in sports reporting has its twitter feed post such a despicable post, Patriots Nation will take notice.   Patriots fans young and old are in the mist of one of the most amazing runs that any team has been on.  When their beloved team is called into question on the merits of the victories, they rise up. A Facebook group called Patriots Fans United Against the NFL, is doing their best to wrong what is now an all out war between Patriots fans and the rest of the country. Patriots nation has a right to be pissed.  The team has been drawn through the mud, right or wrong, the franchise and its fans deserve better than this.   The Pats and their fans can pay no mind when called the Cheatriots, however the latest slander from the world wide leader in sports on Monday night is pathetic.

We all know that the Patriots were wrong during Spygate, even Bill Belichick admitted as much.  However Deflategate has gone on too long and is just ridiculous.  How long will it take for SportsCenter to take down the tweet.  Hopefully not as long as Chris Mortensen’s famous and fictitious 11 of 12 footballs were a full two PSI under the legal limit tweet.  The NFL has made a mockery out of the deflategate trials.  Now the best highlight show on TV is doing the same thing on its social media.  Bob Kraft took his penalty to stop the rhetoric. The move was not one that Patriots fans liked.  However Kraft as always was trying to rise above.  Its time that ESPN’s Sportscenter and the NFL do the same.  Stop the rhetoric.  The Patriots are 10-0 due to skill, coaching and determination. Not a digital camera or a pump needle.  Whoever is in charge of the twitter account should be fined One million dollars and docked two draft picks in next years fantasy football draft.  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

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