New England Patriots Lose in Denver Fall to 10-1

It was there for the taking, the New England Patriots despite being down many star players held a 21-7 fourth quarter lead against the Broncos.  Then the wheels came off.  The Patriots just held the Broncos to a punt and at 14:22, for some reason punt returner Chris Harper did not call a fair catch and muffed the punt.   The Broncos recovered and scored a few seconds later.     The Broncos cut the lead to 21-17.  The teams held serve and things were looking good as the Patriots had  a first down with 2:51 left in the game and the Broncos only had one time out.   Instead of running the ball and chewing clock, the unthinkable happened, for reasons unknown the Patriots tried a seem pass to Rob Gronkowski , and he ends up hurt on the field.  Reports are that the big tight ends injury may not be serious.

Josh McDaniels play calling was horrible once the snow started falling.  The Patriots continued to try a pass up the sideline to Scott Chandler, it did not work.  The Patriots tried to pass when they did not have their best players.  The game plan was flawed.   The usually reliable Patriots were a mere two for thirteen on third down.   The offensive wows lead to the defense falling apart in the second half as the Broncos scored 17 points in the fourth quarter.  Still with the Patriots needing a field goal to tie the game, Tom Brady lead the Pats on a 51 yard drive that ended with Stephen Gostowski tying the game.  It was all for not  as the Patriots went three and out to begin over time.  CJ Anderson sealed the game with 48 yard TD run.

Next up for the Patriots is a date with the Philadelphia Eagles next week in Foxboro.

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