Patriots Look to Continue Winning vs Titans

The New England Patriots are your AFC East Champions once again. That is always the first step in the trek to the Super Bowl. Now the Patriots have their destiny in their hands to secure a first round bye and home field advantage through out the playoffs.  The Patriots can not over look the Titans and after the Eagles game I am sure we will not see that.

The Titans offense is bad at running the ball, so the offense rests on the shoulders of rookie Marcus Mariota.  Mariota can make any throw on the field, and also has the ability to run the ball, whenever the opportunity presents itself.  The Patriots should try and stop tight end Delane Walker. The task became a little harder as Devin McCourty most likely wont play this week with a high ankle sprain.  The Patriots defense is playing at such a high level.  Expect a similar game plan as they had against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. They will get to Mariota’s level and not let him get him outside of the pocket.

On offense, Tom Brady who showed up on the injury report with an illness, he most likely will play but if he doesn’t Jimmy Garopollo will get his shot.  Brady would need to be on his death bed not to start.  With the loss of running back Legarrette Blount, Brandon Bolden and James White are now thrust into the roles of big back and passing back.  Brady has always had good games against Titans defensive Coordinator Dick Lebaeu. Expect the Patriots to spread the field and spread the ball around.

This is a game the Patriots should win, and will win.  Final Patriots 27 Titans 13.


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