Tactical Christmas

By Laura Stelchook


With the police under fire in recent news across the country, I wanted to take a moment to show support for our uniformed Men and Women. The officers of Nashua work hard alongside of the staff from the PAL center to plan out “Tactical Christmas”. It is a Police officer’s job to enforce the law. In recent stories across the country we see Police under fire in the media, however I recently watched 22 kind Policemen of the Nashua SWAT so selflessly distribute food to Families Across the city. The Nashua PAL works closely with kids in the community to develop a positive relationship and trust with these children.Untitled.pngfasdfasd


Led by Phil Belmont who serves as the Police coordinator for the Nashua PAL, officers with bags full of goodies for boys and girls drove around Nashua to give them all something to open for Christmas. The men picked up a collection taken by Whole foods of Nashua around 10am.


For the second year the Police Athletic League were accompanied by Santa as they hit the streets with food and toys for families in need. Wednesday morning, with Santa riding shotgun they set out to help out 8 local families.


When I got a chance to speak with Officer Belmont he was humble and wanted to put a focus on how important it was to all the men to help PAL. These officers traveled around Nashua to deliver food and toys to families who might otherwise skip Christmas. It was a beautiful experience to watch not only how the officers interacted, but to see the look on those families receiving all of the things that most of us take for granted. Those that were on the receiving end will remember these days for long into the future.


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