“PAL Christmas”

By: Laura Stelchook

When we think about Christmas we envision an array of happy family memories. Remembering a bright star a top a decorated tree with wrapped presents for our loved ones is common for most of us. Some families need help this time of year, and a lot of people around the community are willing to give it to them. Christmas is a time when we all want to feel that holiday joy, and also we want to see that same joy on a child’s face.

With all of your help the PAL Christmas party on December 18th was a hit. We even received an extra donation of $890 dollars from a gentleman once he heard police Officer Philip Belmont on Arcand&Sheppard speaking about the toy drive.

During the Christmas party I was in the crafts room showing the kids how to assemble their ornaments. One of the little girls made an extra ornament for me! These kids were thoughtful and thankful. The Nashua PAL puts a strong focus on building a long lasting relationship with these children, and it shows. The excitement in the air watching the children rush to see Santa was delightful. Knowing that they weren’t thinking about anything other than being a kid.

We can’t thank the kind people of Nashua enough for all the toy donations given to the Nashua PAL center. The tremendous turn out had the center with overflowing bags of gifts for children of all ages. 83 kids were given a specific gift from Santa on Friday and 83 lives were touched forever. I hope ALL of you enjoy a little Christmas magic this holiday.


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