Grinnell: “Brad Marchand Needs To Figure It Out”

By: Mike Grinnell

Coming from someone who has defended Brad Marchand for years, this post is going to be tough for me, but Brad Marchand really needs to figure it out.

Brad Marchand was suspended 3 games for clipping, after cheap Mark Borowiecki of the Ottawa Senators on Dec. 29th.

“I just want to acknowledge the situation that I’ve put my team in for being undisciplined and affecting the game for them [and] taking away the excitement for the fans being a part of this rivalry and taking that away from them; and then also for affecting this game for myself and putting myself in a situation to not be part of this,” Marchand, in regards to having to sit out of the 2016 Bridgestone Winter Classic.

Though it may just be “The Winter Classic” to the fans, it was a really important game for the teams on the ice. The Bruins went into the Winter Classic fresh off a 7-3 victory over Ottawa, putting them within 1 point of the Montreal Canadians for the Division lead at the time, which has now been taken over by Florida.

Already without David Krejci, who took an awkward hit from Bobby Ryan and got put on the I.R. with an upper body injury, Marchand took himself out of the most important game of the year during the most important stretch of the year.

The Bruins have had games in hand on every one else in the conference this season, by the end of this week, that wont be the case. In a span of 10 days, the Bruins will play 5 games. They have already lost 2 of the 5, in the Winter Classic and Tuesday’s loss to Washington. Having your two best offensive players out for 4 of the 5 games definitely is not going to help your team jump up in the standings any time soon. Krejci didn’t take himself out of the lineup though, like Marchand did.

Brad Marchand is on pace of arguably the best season of his career. Marchand, who has 15 goals already in 34 games played, is on pace for a 40 goal season, something he has yet to accomplish in his career.

Marchand has become one of the Bruins main sources of offense, wearing a suit in the press box for three of the most important games of the year, is not a good look for a bubble team, in which the Bruins are.

2016 Brad Marchand isnt the same as 2011 Brad Marchand, in regards to the role they play on the team. Marchand was the agitator on the 2011 Bruins, he needs to be a leader of the 2016 Bruins.

The worst part of all of this is, I thought he changed. I thought he was a leader on and off the ice. Marchand has been skating away from the drama 10x more this season, then any other season. Claude Julien even gave Marchand the “A” to wear on his jersey in Krejci’s absence, though it only lasted one game, Marchand need’s to be a leader quality of wearing the “A”.

The Bruins are currently tied with the Ottawa Senators for the 8th and final wildcard playoff spot with 44 points. The two teams will face-off Saturday, in Brad Marchand’s first game back from suspension, against the team he got suspended against.

Hopefully Marchy makes up for lost time…

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