Chandler Jones puts Patriots in Confusing Situation.

Chandler Jones was admitted to a Norwood hospital Sunday morning.  This we know to be true.    On Tuesday the Boston Herald reported that Jones was taken to the hospital.  The Patriots release the following statement  “Chandler Jones was admitted to the hospital on Sunday and released that day. He reported to work on time Monday morning and has participated in all meetings and practices since then.”   What actually happened and why he was there depends on what report you want to believe.

WEEI’s Lou Merloni tweeted the following.

Lou followed up with after taking much criticism from the Foxborough faithful a clarification of what Jones told the police.

Also on Wednesday the Boston Globes Chris Gasper reported that the situation was a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana.

I happen to believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle.  What Meroloni has said and what Gasper has said really are one in the same.  Chandler Jones arrived at the police department Sunday morning in a “confused state”.  A source in my opinion gave the information of man made weed as a way to lighten the blow and sweep the story under the rug.  Regardless of what happened Chandler Jones made a mistake.   Whether he used Adderall Weed, or Synthetic marijuana is not the case.  Who cares.  What he did do was become a major distraction for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

The Patriots have struggled the last six weeks and are about to go up against a hot Kansas City team.  The Patriots did not need this distraction.  Will Jones start on Saturday remains a question.  In 2010 after Wes Welker became a distraction by referencing Rex Ryan’s foot fetish, he was sat for the first series of the Patriots divisional round against the Jets.  The same could happen to Jones.  All eyes will be on the starting lineup come Saturday.

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