Bartis Law Babe of the Week: Dolly Castro

Dolly Castro is your Bartis Law Babe of the Week!

“Dolly Castro is a clothing designer, model, and health & fitness influencer originally from Nicaragua. With her natural curves, sweet and humble personality; Dolly strives to inspire people to work on bettering themselves by living a healthier lifestyle.

Being told by many as a young girl that she had the look and confidence to become a model, Dolly took that step as a teenager and moved to Miami where she got her first real chance at modeling. Being in front of the camera allowed her to show off her fierce personality and she loved the glam and different fashion that came along with being a model.

Social media was a powerful outlet that ultimately was the driving force to sky rocket Dolly’s career. People would come across her pictures and want to know who was this curvy toned Latin girl. She was able to share her passion for health and fitness and inspire others to feel confident in the skin they’re in through her social media. It gave her great pride that people were so interested and wanted her advice when it came to wanting to get fit. So many women would reach out who had become so inspired by Dolly’s confidence and how she embraced her curves. This gave Dolly the idea to start her own clothing line; DC Couture which was dedicated to allow women to feel and look good in their workout clothes and swimwear so that they too could have that extra boost of confidence.

At the end of the day, if Dolly is able to inspire just one person to be the best that they can be then she feels like she’s doing exactly what she was put on this earth to do.” (Via

Mangos anyone ☺️

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Remember to love every inch of you 👑✨

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