It’s official, Isaiah Thomas is on the All Star team

By Tyler Sullivan Follow on Twitter @TylerSully

Tonight Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas can go to bed and call himself something that he couldn’t have when we woke up this morning; an NBA All Star.

The NBA announced that the six year veteran earned the honors for the first time in his career during their special on TNT.

Thomas is averaging 21.6 points, 6.6 assists and 3 rebounds a game this season and is instrumental in the Celtics push to the playoffs a year ago and why they are currently the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference.

Boston acquired the guard from Phoenix on February 22nd of last year. Upon his arrival the C’s have gone 46-31.

The real question now is why was this even a debate to begin with? Many Celtics fans were concerned that the popularity of Cavs star point guard Kyrie Irving (who has only played for about a month) would knock the Boston star out of the ranks. Thankfully and rightfully so that did not happen.

We often talk about how remarkable it is that Warriors superstar Steph Curry managed to go from 7th overall pick to league MVP, but I would argue it’s even more remarkable that Thomas went from the last overall pick in the 2011 draft to an NBA All Star.

Just a great story for him.

Credit to Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens as well. Ainge saw an elite talent available on the market, acquired it and Brad Stevens go the max out of him.

Good day for the Celtics organization.

Here is the list of the other NBA players who made the All Star Game.

Photo credit: NBA


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