Hey Danny Ainge, don’t do anything at the trade deadline!

By Tyler Sullivan Follow on Twitter @TylerSully

 We are getting closer and closer to the NBA’s 3pm trading deadline on Thursday and the Celtics are locked and loaded to pull the trigger on any trade.

But should they?

We’ve heard names like Al Horford, Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard all being linked to the green. Some likely, some not. Regardless of the likelihood, or rather, willingness of a certain star/above average player to want to come to Boston, Danny Ainge should lock the door before they get on Causeway Street.

At 3:01 the roster should remain intact or at the most just a small move. No fireworks as Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck likes to illustrate.

Like this idea or not it seems like it’s going to be the reality for Ainge and the Celtics. Not by their lack of trying, but their would-be-partners unwillingness to dance.

Per Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald,

Asked his goals for this deadline, president of basketball operations Danny Ainge told the Herald, “To help our team become better — not short-term better, but short- and long-term better. And not at the expense of wrecking our future.”

Ainge also gave Bulpett of the Herald some insight as to how he is scouting players at the deadline.

“When I’m looking at players out there, I’m looking at players that can make a big difference,” he said, “not players that can win us two games or anything like that. That’s not my objective.”

It doesn’t seem like the Clippers are letting go of Blake Griffin right now. He seems more like a summer time acquisition for any team.

Dwight Howard, in my opinion, doesn’t want to come here and doesn’t seem like he is welcome by fans.

Al Horford is a name that has the most smoke around him and while he is a good fit I don’t think Boston needs to trade for him. I believe the Celtics can sign him this offseason.

I have a couple reason for thinking this way.

First, Zach Lowe of ESPN wrote today that Horford is looking to play in a big media market as well as an area with a large Dominican population. Well Boston would qualify as a large media market and Massachusetts has the fourth largest Dominican population in the US. They also could use David Ortiz as a nice recruiting personality.

Second and most importantly, I believe he is legitimately interested in joining the Celtics.  If you believe Isaiah Thomas, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t, he says he was approached over All Star Weekend by a player he wouldn’t name and he asked about Boston. Everyone in the world believes that it was Horford who Thomas was talking about and to.

So if the soon to be 30 year old and soon to be free agent big man is interested in Boston and Boston is interested in him in February, why wouldn’t both sides be interested in June, July or August?

This is reason why the C’s should stay the course at the deadline. If Horford is the target, best to just wait for the summer and save your assets.

I’d rather a top-5 pick and Horford in 2016-17 than Horford this season where he doesn’t do much in terms of how far the Celtics can go in the playoffs.

Don’t listen to the Trade Machine truthers Danny. Stay the course.


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