Report: Hawks to keep Al Horford

By Tyler Sullivan Follow on Twitter @TylerSully

It looks like the man that Celtics fans have been interested in the most may not be moving after all.

It is still early in the day and things could change, but as I illustrated earlier on this site Horford could find himself in green this summer.

“Horford is looking to play in a big media market as well as an area with a large Dominican population. Well Boston would qualify as a large media market and Massachusetts has the fourth largest Dominican population in the US. They also could use David Ortiz as a nice recruiting personality.”

The counter argument to that comes from Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald in todays paper where he suggests the 2016 Nets pick may be the reason why Atlanta is not moving Horford and what the C’s mindset is regarding him this summer.

“The pick would not be in play for Al Horford, but that matter seems moot anyway. The C’s have had no recent talks with Atlanta about him, and, in addition to what the Hawks might want should they move him, it is clear from sources that the Celts are not willing to pay the 6-foot-10 center big money when he becomes a free agent in the summer.”

The Celtics are also said to be hanging on to the coveted 2016 Brooklyn Nets pick unless a bonafied star becomes avaialbe.

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