Bruins Make Statement Against Penguins

(Image via @NESN Twitter)

Bruins Make Statement To League Against Penguins

By:Mike Grinnell

The Bruins have been known to completely forget how to play hockey when the entire nation is watching, e.g., the Winter Classic debacle this season. That was not the case Monday night as the Bruins dominated the Pittsburgh Penguins from start to finish, by a score of 5-1, while the nation watched.

It’s very easy to sit here and say the Bruins should be sellers at the deadline. The team is a long shot for the Cup and are getting completely outplayed by teams like the Columbus Blue Jackets. What isn’t easy? Figuring out what the hell this team is going to do after Wednesday night’s victory.

The Bruins made a big-time statement against the Penguins. When it comes to this year’s  team, much of the focus is centered around Loui Eriksson and the future direction of the club. Not many people have actually sat back and thought, “Wow, this team can actually play.”

The Bruins absolutely dominated the Pittsburg Penguins at TD Garden.

David Pastrnak tallied two, while Tuukka Rask made a season-high 41 saves as the B’s skated to only their second victory at home in the past six games. Wednesday night’s win puts the Bruins in a tie for 2nd place in the Atlantic Division, with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“How many games have we got left, 20?” Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg asked after the game. “Every game counts. You lose a game you’re in the wild card spot. You win a game, you’re in second or third, so it’s kind of every game counts and that’s why consistency is a big thing for us and every team right now. Every game matters and you have to play or try to play your best and put the best effort forward every game.”

Brad Marchand, Jimmy Hayes, and David Krejci also added goals.

While the entire country watched, the Bruins made a statement Wednesday night that they will not go down easy. While the Penguins aren’t a team at the top of the standing, they are still a team led by one of the greatest hockey players in the world, in Sidney Crosby, along maintaining a playoff position in the standings.

With February 29th right around the corner, Don Sweeney and the Bruins have shown the league that they are not going to sell off everything at the deadline to better prepare for the future.

The Bruins are in a playoff race, and Sweeney now has one goal at the trade deadline: Make this team better, for now, and the long term.

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