Joe Johnson being bought out by Brooklyn is great news for Celtics

By Tyler Sullivan Follow on Twitter @TylerSully

On Thursday, the Brooklyn Nets and 15 year NBA veteran Joe Johnson reached an agreement on a buyout.

Social media immediately went ablaze with old pictures of 2001-2002 Joe Johnson when he started his career in Boston and tweeters tweeted aloud asking the question if a return should be in the works.

The short answer – Yes, Johnson would fit well with this current Celtics team and certainly fills a need. But, he is not coming here. Out of the teams on Stein’s list, Johnson is most likely to land in Cleveland as they present a more realistic opportunity to win now.

However deflating that news is comes a sliver lining for Celtics fans and here it is — Brooklyn just got worse.

Per Basketball Reference, Johnson has a 1.1 win share and while that isn’t too impressive, especially given the amount of money he was being paid, that was the fourth highest on the team.

The point is, the Nets lost one of their best players and, because Boston owns their unprotected first round pick this season, it’s a good day to wear green.

It’s even more important given the fact that Brooklyn has no incentive to tank, unlike the Sixers, Lakers, Suns and Timberwolves.

Now fans can realistically expect this pick to land possibly in the top 3 with the chance of the ping pong balls finally falling in your favor and becoming the number 1 overall selection.

If that is the case, the trade that sent Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to Brooklyn while Boston received a boatload of first round draft picks including this year will go down as one of the most one-sided deals in NBA history.

I guess the NBA took this SI headline literally back in 2013.


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