David Ortiz…The Movie??

By:Mike Grinnell

“ESPN Films today announced a new digital documentary project, “David Ortiz: The Last Walk Off,” that will chronicle highlights from Ortiz’s final season with the Boston Red Sox. Directed by Gotham Chopra (director of ESPN Films’ “The Little Master”), the series is comprised of four short features and one half hour special that will focus on Ortiz’s reflections as he walks away from the game he loves. Spread across the 2016 MLB season, the features will chronicle moments throughout the last season of Ortiz’s iconic MLB career. “David Ortiz: The Last Walk Off” will capture the raw, honest and intense moments of one of the most charismatic and beloved athletes ever to play in Boston.

Chopra commented: “As a Boston native, my 12-year-old self is in disbelief that I am now working with ESPN Films and alongside a Red Sox all-time great. David’s willingness to open up his life on and off the field during this incredibly transitional moment for him, along with ESPN’s continued effort to break new ground in documentary storytelling, is exciting for me. It’s why I love sports and why I think the stories within them transcend just what happens on the field.”

The first feature was previewed on Sunday’s 10 a.m. ET SportsCenter and is currently available digitally on ESPN.com, the WatchESPN app, and via 30 for 30 social platforms. Additional shorts will debut throughout the baseball season and the final 30-minute special will premiere both digitally and on ESPN just after the season as Big Papi begins life after baseball and reflects on his final season.

“I am happy to launch this project with ESPN Films as it allows me to reach my fans all over the world, and to share the end of my career with them in a meaningful way,” said Ortiz.

“David Ortiz – The Last Walk Off” is produced in conjunction with the newly formed Big Papi Productions. David Ortiz and his longtime marketing agent and manager Alex Radetsky serve as executive producers on the project.” (via ESPNMediazone.com)

Watch Video Here

The first domino of the “David Ortiz Farewell Tour” has begun, with the Red Sox slugger teaming up with ESPN Films to “capture the raw, honest and intense moments of one of the most charismatic and beloved athletes ever to play in Boston.” in his final season of his career.

How long till we start hearing people bag on Ortiz for this?

Now personally, I hate all the criticism of David Ortiz, you know, the one’s who call him selfish and a baby, the one’s who get all butt hurt when he complains about his contract? Ya, I hate those people.

David Ortiz has earned the right to b!*$ and complain over the years. David Ortiz has brought this city three World Series when the city couldn’t come close for 86 years. David Ortiz took the microphone, in front of the entire world, and picked us Bostonians up when we were down.

“This is our f*@#$%^& city” he said. When Boston was scared, he told us that nobody, I mean nobody, can dictate our freedom. David Ortiz gave the city hope.

So if David Ortiz wants to parade around FT. Meyers all Spring with cameras following him around left and right, so be it, He has earned that right.

Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of Jess Moran sneaking into John Farrell’s office late night, maybe we’ll catch Pablo Sandoval on Instagram during a game sliding into Diva Legacy’s DM’s, maybe we’ll see Dustin Pedroia punch Hanley Ramirez in the kisser for not giving a crap about this season.

Or maybe, we’ll just see the most important player in Boston Red Sox history play out the final season of his historic career.


….and win the World Series




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